Kansas Fest workshops 2015

Thank you to those who are helping since I can not be there this year

Last day to order online is July 6th

Kits will be delivered to KFest

click on the link below to order your kit


replica 1 the apple 1 clone $149

Micro-KIM the KIM-1 clone $109

Superboard III the OSI 600 clone $199

PockeTerm the VT-100 singleboard terminal $69

apple II MP3 player kit $99 *KFest exclusive!

apple IIGS RAM card kit (no memory chips) $39

requires four 1 meg 9 chip 30 pin SIMM modules 70-80ns


If you miss the deadline and want a kit, email me at vbriel@yahoo.com I'll see what I can do



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