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Back space for the replica 1 TE and tenth

PostPosted: Apr Mon 28, 2014 9:17 pm
by vbriel
I'm working on a backspace option for the replica 1 versions TE and tenth anniversary editions. The way it will work is backspace will now perform an _ just as if you pressed the key. When you hit CTRL and F1 combination the backspace becomes a true backspace. The system will think it is getting _ and the terminal section will back space! So far seems to work, the only drawback is if you go to type _ with the backspace function on, it won't display that but will backspace. Side effect I can't change, but after 10 years of typing on a replica 1, it is nice to have back space. The code release should be this week.

Re: Back space for the replica 1 TE and tenth

PostPosted: May Tue 27, 2014 6:33 pm
by vbriel
replica 1 TEN firmware version .03 is posted. It now gives the user the option of CTRL-F1 to make backspace work like normal backspace. The system sees if you go back to far and will give you a \ if you do. In normal apple 1 mode, backspace now puts an _ for you to make things a little easier.

Download from here: