Momentary flip switches

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Momentary flip switches

Postby George » Oct Sat 23, 2010 6:11 pm

When replacing the reset and clear buttons on the replica 1 to be fitted to the exterior of a case, I wanted to go for a heavy and tactile feel, going with some metal momentary flip switches for the reset and clear! I've gone for these on ebay, should be arriving sometime next week, during which I will have a completed picture of the case I have made for my replica 1. It is an all wooden case, with a hinged access door to get at the circuitry.

Here is an image from ebay of the switches, I assume that because the buttons that are fitted to the replica 1 are simply + and -, I wire my leads from either of the two from each end? not really sure what the two middle poles are for on the switches. Is removing the switches already fitted neccersary, I don't want to damage the kit? (!!)
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Re: Momentary flip switches

Postby vbriel » Oct Sat 30, 2010 5:00 pm

You can leave the buttons onboard alone.
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