Rev 3 Schematic?

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Rev 3 Schematic?

Postby oliphant » Oct Thu 21, 2010 7:25 pm

I bought 4 of the term kits and all are assembled based on the silkscreen on the board but all have vsync problems. I've tried other monitors but without a copy of the V3 schematic or at least a photo of a finished V3 board I can't double check. The manual has only a pic of V1 PCB and the schem on the disc is also marked V1.

It looks like the V1 schem shows the top resistor should be 470 (28-470-P1 on the DB15) but the silkscreen has 240 as the top resistor and the one between pin 28 and pin 1 on the DB15. IOW, the V1 schem and V3 silkscreen appear to have these reversed. The photos in the manual and on the website are all V1 boards and they appear to use 470 as the top resistor. All of the resistor pairs appear reversed except the 3rd pair down which are the same value.

Is the V3 silkscreen wrong or am I just a complete dummy.

All the site's links to photos and schems of the PT are 404.
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Re: Rev 3 Schematic?

Postby vbriel » Oct Fri 22, 2010 5:57 am

No, the V1 silkscreen was in error, fixed by V3. I can't remember the changes offhand on V1-V2 but they were minor. I'll make up a V3 schematic pdf and post it.

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