Just bought a Altair 8800 Micro.

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Just bought a Altair 8800 Micro.

Postby Oddzball » Jun Wed 24, 2015 9:21 pm

Just thought I would share that after a brief email conversation between me and Mr Briel, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase a Altair 8800 Micro. I'll soon be finishing my CIS Degree in Computer Programming, and thought it would make a nice graduation present.

Glad to be part of the community though I hope some folks can show me around. I know a little on the Altair 8800 from a project I did explaining some of the first personal computers, but other then monkeying around with an emulator, I'm a total newbie to the system.

I opted to pay for it to be pre-assembled since while I can solder a little, I didn't trust my ability to get the job done. I also purchased the Ram Disk addon for the system.

A few questions I have while waiting on the computer is can anyone recommend a good VGA monitor that is small and compact for use with the system(7 inch or 10 inch ones?)? Also, does it come with some sort of PSU, or will I have to supply my own? If so what power supply would you all recommend?

I'm actually going to get it up and running and monkey around with making a few programs, maybe some games. I don't know Altair Basic, however I'm betting its not to difficult, and my electives for programming languages in college was C#, Java, and Assembly, as well as already knowing C++ pretty well, so I'm sure I will adapt.

I also need to find a nice good clunking PS2 keyboard for the thing.
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Re: Just bought a Altair 8800 Micro.

Postby waltermixxx » Jun Thu 25, 2015 7:30 am

Welcome to the club. :)

first off you might wish to get a 9 volt wall wart, the Briel Computers download section for the Altair 8800 micro has a manual with a parts list, so you know what size barrel on the 9 volt power adapter, any 2 amp wall wart should do that is a switching power supply wall wart, you will know because they are very light weight versus traditional transformer based power adapters. :) Make sure it's + on the centre of the barrel.

The PS/2 keyboard, get the smallest keyboard you can find, i got this from Amazon, and it's a great little keyboard: http://www.amazon.ca/Perixx-PERIBOARD-4 ... 2+keyboard small and looks good in front of the 8800 micro. :)

As far as VGA monitors are concerned, I suspect any will do, I use a small samsung 15" vga monitor i got quite a long time ago, but it fits nicely on the unit, and is not very heavy... at first i messed around with a small 7" composite video monitor, but because i wanted to mess with cmp, i switched to the vga :)

Hope this helps.

if you have not already checked them out, check out this series of video's Jeff Tranter does on youtube starting on the unboxing of the kit:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt0sUvz ... WZRydbyFli

Cheers. :)

Also check out the 32 or so video's done by Deramp on the Altair, a lot of the most of those excercises you can also perform on the 8800micro ( the sense switch settings may be different... )

check out Jeff's summary on sense switch, and keyboard shortcuts for the micro, it's great.... (found in one of the posts on this forum, which I'm sure you are already poring over. :) )
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Re: Just bought a Altair 8800 Micro.

Postby Oddzball » Jun Thu 25, 2015 10:26 pm

I'm trying to find a good wall wart on Amazon. The manual says 9Volts DC at 1Amp? 5.5x2.1mm with a positive center post? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Electronics aren't something I'm entirely educated in so this is definitely a learning experience for me.
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