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Possible to use Altair8800 micro platform for another CPU?

PostPosted: Sep Sun 27, 2015 12:03 pm
by jasonrp7743
I was thinking- the Altair 8800 Micro platform is comprised of two parts: A Parallax Propeller based serial interface, and an Atmel ATmega 8515 with external RAM that emulates the 8080 MPU and at least 32k of RAM.

Has anyone thought about the possibility of writing a different AVR firmware- which would perhaps make a 6502 or Z80 computer possible? I'm thinking a crazy amount of SW dev would be needed to add sprites/color graphics capabilities to the Propeller, but, maybe just the basic functionality of say an Apple II, Commodore Vic 20 or Commodore 64, or maybe a TRS80 would be possible with a new AVR firmware?

Anyone tried this? Any more knowledgeable types (read Vince, Garry, or Al?) know off the cuff if this is doable with what is already in the hardware? This sure would be a cool project, and perhaps would generate more sales of the already very cool Altair 8800 Micro..