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Typing tutor

Postby jeremyrand » Sep Thu 29, 2011 10:55 pm

My son is trying to learn to type and he finds the keyboard on the iMac difficult to use. The keys are too shallow and he makes lots of mistakes. I thought he might like the //e keyboard and he did better on that using some old typing tutor I had. But, he said he preferred the keyboard I had connected to the ReplicaOne. But, I didn't have a typing tutor.

So, I wrote one. I got cc65 working cross compiling to the Replica One and I wrote this in C. The archive I am attaching has a Makefile and the original C source if you have cc65. But it also includes a file called type.mon which you can upload to your Replica One into the monitor. There are two modes. In drill mode, it gives you 8 characters to type and it tells you how many of those 8 you got wrong. In game mode, you have to hit the key as quickly as you can. You can limit the keys to just the home row, all letter keys, all letter and number keys or all keys.

Not the best typing tutor out there but it seems to be working OK for my son.
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