2KSA - A 2K Symbolic Assembler for the 6502

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2KSA - A 2K Symbolic Assembler for the 6502

Postby tranter » Apr Sat 28, 2012 8:00 pm

2KSA is a symbolic assembler written in 1979 by Robert Denison. It was primarily written for KIM-1 systems. It is a somewhat primitive assembler by today's standards but it only 2 kilobytes in size, allowing it to run resident on very small systems like the original KIM-1. It is also well documented and mostly portable. It is able to assemble itself.

I thought it would be fun to try to port it to the Replica 1. Most of the effort was entering the source code from the original PDF document. To run on the Replica 1 I only needed to relocate it and implement the I/O routines. I haven't tested it exhaustively yet but it seems to be working fine.

My source code can be conditionally assembled for either the KIM-1 or Apple1 / Replica 1. I've made available two download files for the KIM-1 (linked at the two addresses mentioned in the original document). I haven't tested them as I don't have a KIM-1 system but I confirmed that the code matched the binary dump in the original documentation.

I've also made a Replica 1 download file available. More info can be found at the links below.

1. https://github.com/jefftranter/6502/tre ... r/asm/2ksa
2. http://jefftranter.blogspot.ca/
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