Learning to solder for the replica 1

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Learning to solder for the replica 1

Postby retrotechie » Apr Fri 19, 2013 6:02 pm


I'm new to these forums but I hope to be a regular visitor (and contributor).

I've been planning on building a replica 1 for a while now. I'm an experienced Apple-focused software developer and my motivation for this project is both nostalgia and a desire to learn more about computers at the hardware level. What better way to do that then to start from the beginning?

I read through Tom Owad's book and I plan to purchase a replica 1 kit in the near future. Before I do, I'm going to heed the website's advice and get some soldering practice first. I bought a couple of the Elenco soldering practice kits from Amazon. Hopefully that will get me going.

I have some questions though:

1. What kind of solder is best for the replica 1? Should I go leaded or lead free? I read that lead free is harder to work with but leaded has – you know – lead in it.
2. What is flux and do I need it? Tom's book makes no mention of it, but when I read up on soldering in general, people say it's essential.
3. Are any of the other Briel kits simple enough for beginners but close enough to the replica 1 to be a good test run?

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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