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Altair 8800micro RAM Drive added to store

by on Sep.23, 2012, under News

The long awaited RAM drive for the Altair 8800micro is now available to order. We are ordering boards this week and orders will ship in about 2 weeks when the boards arrive. You can choose from kit or assembled as is with most of our products. If you have an Altair now is your chance to get a RAM drive and have a full operating system (CP/M) with 2 virtual RAM drives. To load CP/M simply load a disk image onto the SD card, then transfer it over to the RAM drive A or B and run the bootloader to boot from the RAM drive. visit the store or the Altair 8800micro order page to order yours now.

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IMSAI project

by on Jul.31, 2012, under News

We’ve been a little busy around here and things are going to get a lot busier in the near future. We have been in Talks with Thomas “Todd” Fischer to acquire the IP and remaining inventory of IMSAI. With this pending purchase we will be able to roll out new IMSAI series 2 machines in the near future. There is still some work to do but a tentative agreement has been reached.

In order to raise the capitol required for the purchase we will do a Kickstarter project that will ask for a donation to help “Save IMSAI”. If you have ever wanted to be a part of something big, this is your chance. We are working out rewards for donations but even $5 or $20 will help. I’m doing something I don’t like to do and that is to ask for help to save IMSAI. Together we can reboot IMSAI and make something incredible. Please wait until the Kickstarter project is up before making a donation. It is really an exciting time here.

Vince Briel

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Back from epic Kansas Fest

by on Jul.28, 2012, under News, Vince's blog

We just returned from our trip to Kansas and other locations. Kansas Fest is one of the best events you can attend as a fan of vintage computers. Nearly a week with seminars and hanging out with other like minded people too much to list. I’ll be there every chance I get to go. New experiments have been started with interfacing a Bluetooth dongle to an Apple II opening up new wireless possibilities in the near future. The cassette interface for the replica 1 will BETA test starting tomorrow with 25 units to be issued to those who can help with debugging and running other tests. I ran some tests while at Kansas Fest and everything appears to work great on a single 5V supply! Look for an order page on that tomorrow.

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Official Kansas Fest workshop information

by on Jun.30, 2012, under News, Vince's blog

The workload the last 2 weeks has been heavy and finding time to prepare for Kansas Fest 2012 has been difficult. I am hosting a workshop and participants can sign up and build a selected kit to build. I will be helping those who need guidance during the workshop to get their kits built. If you were there last year, you know how much fun it was. If you want to attend the workshop but can’t order a kit until Kansas Fest has started, drop me an email and I’ll put a kit aside for you.

The official website for the workshop is here: Workshop

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Maker Faire wrap up

by on May.22, 2012, under Vince's blog

Well, we are back from the Maker Faire and my head is still spinning from everything that there was going on there. I met so many great people there, my voice will require a couple days to recover.  There were more robots there than any other venue we have been to. Atmel was there and the guys running their display were really friendly. One of them got to see the Altair micro in action. We are getting a lot of orders from the show and may be running a little behind. If you are wondering about the status of your order, feel free to email and ask about it.

I hope that everybody at the Maker Faire had a good time and if anybody lost their flier just drop me an email at and I’ll get you another copy or a link.


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Maker Faire this weekend

by on May.15, 2012, under News, Vince's blog

The time is almost here for the 7th annual Maker Faire in San Francisco.  With over 300 exhibits in the indoor building alone, this is a huge celebration of creating projects! Briel Computers will be in the Expo hall on Saturday and Sunday demonstrating the Altair 8800micro and CP/M. Please feel free to stop by and say hi. More information on the Maker Faire can be found here:

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Maker Faire acceptance

by on Mar.31, 2012, under Vince's blog

We just got word that we have been accepted to appear at the Maker Faire San Francisco May 19th & 20th! This will be our first appearance at the Faire and I am really looking forward to going. Maker Faire is really a venue we should have been attending years ago. Our products promote fun, creation, and education. I hope to see you all there.

Click on the Events tab above and select Maker Faire to see more information on how to attend.


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2nd run Altair 8800micro RAM Drive underway

by on Feb.28, 2012, under News

We have decided to do another run of disk RAM drives for the Altair 8800micro after a lot of requests. There are still a couple of bugs we are working on but the RAM drive appears to operate CP/M very well. The one little bug is a corruption that can occur on power off. To order your RAM drive, visit the order page here:


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Now taking preorders for the Altair micro disk controller

by on Oct.12, 2011, under News

We are going to do a small beta run of 20 units of the disk controller for the Altair 8800micro. This add-on board will give the Altair micro 64K of total RAM and 2 RAM disk drives that are battery backed (batteries not included). Now you can run CP/M on your Altair 8800micro and enjoy all the programs that are available for it. The board uses the expansion connector but gives you another connector onboard so you don’t loose any expansion options.

88DSK RAM preorder page


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Steve Jobs, founder of Apple dies at 56

by on Oct.05, 2011, under News

Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple computers. His vision and drive made Apple what it is today. He has played a large part in the what we have for computers today. For those not aware, Steve Jobs passed away today at the age of 56. You can read one of many articles here

Our prayers and wishes go out to the Jobs family during this difficult time. Steve, you will be missed.

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