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Altair 8800micro

Altair 8800micro

by on Apr.03, 2010, under Altair 8800micro

altair 8800micro

System specs

Processor:    8080A emulated by ATmega8515 microcontroller

Speed:           16MHz emulating 8MHz processor

Power:          DC wall wart power supply

RAM:           32K Static expandable to 64K with 88-DSK RAM board

ROM:           none

Case:           Aluminum front/rear panels painted front with silkscreen artwork. Plastic top/bottom

Term:         VT-100 emulated terminal onboard (can be disabled to run external terminal)

Video:           80×40 VGA and 40×25 composite (can use both at the same time)

I/O:              Keyboard port, expansion slot, SD card slot for program storage

OS:               Altair 4K,  8K BASIC, Enhanced BASIC and CP/M (with 88-DSK RAM board)

Always wanted to build your own Altair but missed out during the 70′s? Well, now you can with the Altair 8800micro kit. It is a reduced size replica of the famous machine that inspired Bill Gates to start Microsoft. Program the emulated 8080 processor right from the front panel or run programs from a SDHC memory card!

Can’t solder, no problem. We offer a fully assembled and tested version for those who want to get started right away. Visit the store page to order yours.

The new 88-DSK RAM Drive gives your Altair 8800micro the capability to run CP/M in a virtual disk drive setting. The board contains 2 512K RAM drives that are battery backed. You can now load disk images stored on the SD card into the RAM drives and run CP/M software right on the Altair micro.

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