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apple ll Super Encoder

by on Apr.03, 2010, under a2se


The apple ][ super encoder is a replacement board for the apple II and II plus computer keyboards that have the seperate encoder on an attached board on the keyboard. This product is not designed to work with the apple IIe/IIc or IIgs computers. If you have an original apple II or apple II plus you can open the lid and look under the keyboard. If there is a smaller board attached to the keyboard pcb than the super encoder board will replace it. Click on the Ordering tab to the left to order yours. This is a limited edition board.


So, what is the big deal with this super encoder? Well, it makes a nice replacement for those keyboards that have bad encoders. The other advantage is that it has a ps/2 keyboard port. With this port you can have 2 keyboards, the built in apple II keyboard and a standard pc keyboard. You can use both at the same time so it will be easier for two player games. Please note that the cable is NOT included. You can use the cable that is currently on the keyboard.

To install, you must unplug your apple II. Remove the screws around the outside of the case and carefully open up until you can access the keyboard cable. Carefully unplug the cable paying attention to the orientation so you don’t plug it back in backwards. Now you can lay the lid upside down on your work area to access the keyboard encoder. To seperate the encoder from the keyboard you must squeeze the white plastic tab of the post and gently seperate the two boards until the encoder slides all the way out. Remove the cable and install it on the new super encoder board. Install the super encoder as shown in the picture above so the chip is facing toward you and the pins face into the keyboard until the spacers lock into the holes. At this time you can attach a ps/2 keyboard cable or attach one at a later time if you wish.

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  • barana

    Could I use the super encoder chip (just) with a ps2 keyboard – without an apple ][ keyboard at all ?

  • chrish

    Dear Vince
    I’ve just got my hands on an Apple II europlus and the keyboard is faulty
    (beeps on power-up, get APPLE ] prompt, power light on keyboard)
    I’ve pulled apart the encoder daughter board and reassembled but it has made no difference. No keys work other than RESET !
    Will your replacement encoder board work with my machine and can I get it shipped to the UK ?
    Thanks in advance, Chris

  • vbriel

    If the problem is with the encoder (probably is) then yes it will work. We ship to the UK all the time :) Your story is exactly why I made the super encoder. The PS/2 adapter was just a bonus I threw in.

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