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MP3Basic code change for IIGS

For the A2MP3 to work correctly on the IIgs there are 5 lines of code to add to the MP3Basic program. 3 GS = PEEK(49206) 4 POKE 490206,0 4056 POKE 49206,GS 5102 FOR I = 1 TO 10000:NEXT I 9920 POKE 49206,GS I found that line 5102 was too long of a wait cycle on my machine so I changed it to : 5102 FO...
by Littlejohn
Jul Wed 25, 2012 4:55 pm
Forum: A2MP3
Topic: MP3Basic code change for IIGS
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Re: 80 Column version by Michael Kent

I tried this revised program out on my ROM 1 GS and although the layout is improved, it only plays the first few seconds of a song and skips to the next like the original program did before we added the extra code to it.
by Littlejohn
Aug Thu 11, 2011 2:03 pm
Forum: A2MP3
Topic: 80 Column version by Michael Kent
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Re: The A2MP3 at Kansas Fest

Mike, Try increasing the delay loop in line 5102. That should take care of the "skipping" to next song. The delay loop was tested on my ROM 1, and we had to change it several times to get it to work. The above code in the first post, when added to the existing program, should be dropping t...
by Littlejohn
Aug Mon 01, 2011 1:03 pm
Forum: A2MP3
Topic: The A2MP3 at Kansas Fest
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