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Burning the EEprom? Help...

Hello Users! I have one of the first Micro-Altair (Serial #17) and it works, but I can´t do anything - The Screen say: ALTAIR 8800 MICRO http://WWW.BRIELCOMPUTERS.COM TERMINAL V 2 FIRMWARE 8 The Cursor blinks... that is all it does. How can I update the Firmware? Can I burn the EEprom?? The normal w...
by Lightman
May Sat 05, 2018 10:26 am
Forum: Altair 8800 Micro
Topic: Burning the EEprom? Help...
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Re: Homemade ASCII Keyboard

Hi there!

I can´t see the Pictures and the Links doesn´t work :-\

Did anyone have the PBC-Layout and Schematic??

Jens (Germany)
by Lightman
May Fri 01, 2015 8:24 am
Forum: Creation Room
Topic: Homemade ASCII Keyboard
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