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Corrections to Setup and Users Manual

PostPosted: Feb Sun 05, 2012 9:09 pm
by tranter
As I built my Replica 1 I noticed a few minor errors in the manual. Hopefully these can be corrected in an update. The version of manual I have is "JULY 2010 TE EDITION".

Cover page:

The board shown is the rev 0. The current rev 3 boards have some component layout differences.

Page 8:

Same issue as above with board shown figure 3. It would be good to update this to reflect the current board to avoid confusion during assembly.

Page 13:

U3 may be a 28HC64 rather than a 27C64 (my kit included the former).

Page 14:

Lists quantity 9 of 3.3K resistors for R1-R8. Should also list R26.
Under 100uF capacitor it lists quantity 1 but lists C21 and C22. C22 was removed from the current board revisions and should not be listed.

Page 16:

The quantity of 0.1uF capacitors should be 11 rather than 15.
Lists 22pF and .22uF capacitors but these are not part of the current board design.

Page 18:

I would suggest adding a check for the 3.3V rail, such at pin 32 of U8 (Propeller chip).