Quick guide to programming the Propeller chip

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Quick guide to programming the Propeller chip

Postby vbriel » Aug Fri 06, 2010 1:59 pm

I have to make this brief, sorry but I'll do my best to explain this in a step by step process as if I were starting from scratch:

1 Go download propeller tools from parallax here: http://www.parallax.com/Portals/0/Downloads/sw/propeller/Setup-Propeller-Tool-v1.2.7-(R2).exe
2 Install propeller tools
3. Place the firmware directory from your replica 1 TE CD onto your hard drive here: C:\program files\parallax inc\propeller tool v1.2.7 (r2)\
4. Connect your replica 1TE to the RS232 port.
5. Under the propeller tools program click on the section File and find the firmware directory you just copied onto your hard drive and select the file replica 1E IOREV4.spin
6. Press F11 on your PC keyboard and the propeller tools will compile and attempt to find a Propeller chip connected to a serial port on your PC. If your connection is good it will program the RAM first on your Propeller chip then program the EEPROM.

The replica 1 TE makes a really good development board for learning how to program the Propeller chip. I would remove the 6821 and the 74LS245 to avoid problems. For more information on programming the Propeller, please visit the Parallax forums here:


The above steps will program the Propeller with the code that is now resident on the EEPROM onboard the PockeTerm. Change step 3 to the location of the program you wish to insert onto the replica 1TE.

Hope this helps,

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