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Postby wgoodf » Mar Sat 17, 2012 2:04 pm

anyone have any success attaching a printer to the MKim?

i have tried a listing i found in a copy of User Notes and the, i guess famous, banner program, but neither worked for me. The banner program i dont think is MKIm compatible anyway, memory locations wise.

Anyone attempted a printer through the expansion port?
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Re: printer

Postby jac_goudsmit » Mar Sat 17, 2012 9:25 pm

I think when the old KIM-1 documentation refers to a printer, they mean a printer that's attached to the serial port, in other words the printer that's part of your serial terminal. In those days, terminals used paper for output, video terminals were much more expensive.

I noticed in your videos (at least the ones I've seen) you've only used the hex displays and the onboard keyboard. But the MicroKim has a standard RS-232 port that you can connect to a PC; you can use a terminal program like Hyperterm (but I prefer and recommend TeraTerm) to connect to the MicroKim. Then you can enter and run the Banner program and copy and paste the banner output from your terminal buffer. Using the serial port and a terminal emulator is also the ideal way to save and load programs from and to the MicroKim: you just use the Kim commands that would normally dump or load memory to/from the paper tape, and you use the terminal emulator's features or the clipboard to save your data to a file on your PC.

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Re: printer

Postby wgoodf » Mar Sun 18, 2012 5:57 am

I had assumed from reading the text with the banner program that it was assuming that you had a terminal and a paper printer, I guess I read wrong.
However there was a small program in one of the early user notes, before it went A4 sized where someone connected through the application port to a printer. PBo and PB1 dealing with the printer controls and PA lines dealing with the character bits.
Obviously none of this actually matters, I just know it can be done, but there is precious little out there maki reference to it.

Oh, using the MKim display over the terminal screen? Heck I just prefer it that way.
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