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Question about reset vector

PostPosted: Mar Wed 28, 2012 10:52 pm
by Norbert
I noticed the following behavior and I wonder why it's like that:
There is a keyboard subroutine for a self-built external keyboard in locations $0100 up to $012E.
To try it out, I wrote a small main program at $0200 that jumps to this subroutine (gets the value of key depressed).
After that, the main program continues and displays this value (20 1F 1F) , followed by a BRK instruction.
Is it normal that the subroutine from $0100 up is deleted when I start the main program and I have forgotten to set the reset vector before?
Can an uncontrolled 'stack growing' from $01FF downwards be responsible for that?

Thanks for your reply