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Postby jac_goudsmit » Apr Wed 27, 2016 5:40 pm

FYI, I added software to my KimStar project (really KimStar is a subproject of L-Star) that sets up a Propeller QuickStart board as a 24KB RAM expansion with Microsoft Basic ("KB9") preloaded at $2000. It sure is nice to just start my MicroKim and be able to immediately do "4056 <space> G" from the terminal to start BASIC, without having to wait to load BASIC via the paper tape interface. :)

See https://github.com/jacgoudsmit/L-Star/t ... re/KimStar

It should be easy to adapt this project to map something else at $2000 in memory, for example Focal. Micro-ADE might theoretically also work but it needs two cassette interfaces which the MicroKim doesn't have; it's probably easier to port Krusader to the KIM instead, or use one of the other KimStar subprojects that map the Apple-1 PIA emulator into memory and let you use Krusader with it.

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