Using IRQ or NMI?

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Using IRQ or NMI?

Postby Paul Förster » Jun Sun 08, 2014 5:01 pm


is there a way to set up one of the two 6530s timers to trigger an IRQ or NMI (doesn't matter which) and by that enter a routine through the IRQ or NMI vectors respectively? I'd need something like set up the timer to wait for a configurable number of CPU cycles and, after the time has expired, trigger the IRQ or NMI.

From how I understand everything there, I'd need to set up the number of cycles to wait in CLK1T, CLK8T, CLK64T and CLKKT, of course set IRQ and NMI vectors, and then what would be the next step?

Can anyone enlighten me there? Maybe I'm not bright enough but I don't understand the 6530 data sheet as far as using this features is concerned.

Thanks very much in advance,

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