Solid state tape drive for the MicroKim

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Solid state tape drive for the MicroKim

Postby jac_goudsmit » Oct Wed 18, 2017 4:01 am

A little while ago, Willem Aandewiel contacted me. He originally owned a KIM-1 in 1976 or so, and he probably forgot more things about the KIM-1 than I ever knew :)

He got a MicroKim and eventually made it work after he had some initial trouble with what seemed like a lazy 6502. And then he decided to build and program a little device that goes on the MicroKim expansion connector and emulates the tape interface and tape recorder. He used an ESP8266 and a small screen and 4 buttons to control it. The screen lets him choose the tape from a library and shows some information such as the name of the file, and the starting location. His page says there's about 3GB free for files. I did a quick calculation and I think that means that in the worst case scenario, based on the original speed that the KIM-1 used for writing tapes, that corresponds to about 60,000 sixty-minute tapes :)

He can't post here so he asked if I could post a link to his web page where he shows it off. Here it is:

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Re: Solid state tape drive for the MicroKim

Postby jipock » Oct Wed 18, 2017 1:11 pm

If I were to build several of these, what would they be worth to the kim-1 owners?

I'm not looking to make a fortune, mostly just cover the costs of parts, shipping, and building.
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