Another happy new owner!

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Another happy new owner!

Postby jac_goudsmit » Jun Mon 14, 2010 3:43 pm

I received my MicroKim kit in the mail two weeks ago while I was traveling, but yesterday I finally had a chance to put it together with my stepson who just turned 30 and recently got interested in computers. He had never soldered any electronics before so I did the transistors, displays and 7805 to prevent him from frying them, but other than that, he did all the work. I'm happy to report that it worked on the first try, including the serial port. We even had a 220 Ohm resistor left over (there was one too many in the package). I taught him some basic stuff about binary logic, Boolean algebra, hexadecimal numbers, flip-flops, registers, RAM, ROM, data buses, address buses, machine language, assembly language and finally Basic -- basically all he needs to "see through the matrix" when he goes back to school later this year to start a computer science study.

So, after 30 years I finally have my first 8-bit computer, and as I expected it was great to put it together from scratch and see it light up when we switched it on and pushed the Reset button.

Thanks Vince, for bringing back that old "itchy fingers" feeling of operating a computer hands-on.

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