Building Don Lancasters TVT-6

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Building Don Lancasters TVT-6

Postby jbardell » Jul Sat 30, 2011 8:36 pm

I also posted this on the Forum:
Hi all, new here. I've been thinking about buying Vince Briel's Micro-Kim kit to teach myself low-level programming in assembler on a real piece of hardware. I know that one can use the serial interface and a PC or PockeTerm to talk to the machine (aside from the hex keypad), but I've also been looking for ways to build/add a video circuit with currently available chips. I'd like to avoid using Propellers or any other modern programmable controllers, and do this the 'old fashioned way'. I found the TVT-6 construction article at and am wondering if one can still build this. Some research shows that perhaps the IMS5610 could possible be replaced by a PROM of some other nature, and I think this is to hold the software included in the article. The other IC of interest is the 2513 Character Generator, which seems may be replaceable by a 2716 EPROM. I have the .BIN file ripped from an original Uppercase Only 2513 (2kb). The other components all seem to be standard fare (resistors, caps, etc etc). I'm a real amateur with this stuff, so don't laugh too hard if I'm really lost in space here, and am better off with a Replica1 kit. Thanks, folks.
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