New uKIM build - PSU question

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New uKIM build - PSU question

Postby uridium » Jul Sun 31, 2011 11:30 pm


My uKIM kit, 32k Ram, expander board and 2nd Riot kit arrived. Spent four hours carefully assembling the uKIM and 32k REU board.. Plugged it into a 7.5v @0.9A rated PSU and the power LED lights up and then nothing. When left alone for about 20 mins there is random segments flashing on the LED's. I assembled the REU and disabled the onboard RAM reasoning that it maybe something to do with the onboard ram decoding, but there wasn't much of a difference. Before I go and start re-touching solder joints, can anyone tell me if this PSU is adequate? I'm wondering if it needs more than 0.9A. I have some N8VEM kit boards that use more so I'm a little curious. :)

Also any additional constructive directions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: New uKIM build - PSU question

Postby vbriel » Aug Mon 01, 2011 10:18 am

I've run into power supplies that work great even at 500mA, and others that are just junk. It might not be the PS but maybe one of the highly static sensitive chips like the 6502 or 6532 failed. Also, check the board carefully for missed solder connections. I'm guilty of it. Still, I'd put money on a chip more than anything else. If you have another PS laying around that is 6-12v 500mA give it a try. It won't be good to use a 12V for more than 20-30 seconds, but if it comes up, you know it is the power supply.

Just asking, but you did press reset, right? That's an easy one to overlook. The KIM-1 and uKIM don't have auto reset circuits.

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