MOS Tech/Microsoft BASIC v1.1

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MOS Tech/Microsoft BASIC v1.1

Postby uridium » Mar Sun 04, 2012 5:09 am

G'day All.

Wanted to report that I've finally managed with a lot of help to get MS BASIC v1.1 working on uKIM-1. Log is located here:

Thanks Norbert for the single-load PAP file. Enormous help (and patience!). :mrgreen:

I'd still love to get v2 or the pseudo v3 patched version running as it appears to support >1 Char numeric variables. Has anyone had success getting the 'hansa' versions to run? Doing the dual-load $0200 and $2000 version it seems to freeze up at the memory detection stage when I hit return.

This is all too much fun! Should be in bed. :)

Al Boyanich
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Re: MOS Tech/Microsoft BASIC v1.1

Postby draziw77 » Jul Tue 24, 2012 7:55 pm

Could I obtain a copy of that paper file? I have tried several times unsuccessfully to load MBasic.
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