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KIM Kenner/6502/uP kenner magazine issues

PostPosted: May Thu 07, 2015 2:44 pm
by vbriel
From Patrick de Zoete

I wanted to let you know I've converted all the KIM Kenner/6502/uP kenner magazine scan's I have to pdf. The OCR stuff still is taking a while.. I understand they are in a foreign tongue, but the code isn't and maybe it can be of some interest or use to your Micro KIM buyers/users. Perhaps something to include on your driver cd?

If you want you can have a look or download the pdf's from

Have a nice day!


Re: KIM Kenner/6502/uP kenner magazine issues

PostPosted: May Fri 08, 2015 4:45 pm
by jac_goudsmit
This may not mean much to many people, but it's a great archive of Dutch 8-bit computer history.

In case the website might disappear, I took the liberty of downloading all the PDFs and zipping them up in one giant file, that I put on my website at ... Be aware, it's big: 1.5GB.

And in case my own copy might disappear, I'll try to submit it to

Thanks Patrick!