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Postby Kallikak » Sep Sat 01, 2007 12:51 am

How much of the 2K Micro-KIM ROM is used? Am I right in thinking it is just 256K for the monitor and 256K for cassette I/O?

You'd never fit a proper assembler into the space, but you could easily get in an advanced monitor with step and trace, disassembly and a mini-assembler as found in the Apple II. It would also be fun to try and squeeze in something like a VTL-2 interpreter (Very Tiny Language as used in the Altair) into the left over. I think the Z80 implementation for that was well under 1K.

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Postby logjam » Dec Thu 06, 2007 1:33 pm

There is an 8080 and 6800 version.

The 8080 version required 1k of ROM and the 6800 version required 768 bytes. But that is only because the 6800 version used the ACIA monitor ROM for communication.

VTL is faster than basic for computations.
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