Create your own Version of Microsoft BASIC for 6502

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Create your own Version of Microsoft BASIC for 6502

Postby hanso » Oct Mon 27, 2008 3:01 am

First written in 1976, Microsoft BASIC for the 8 bit MOS 6502 has been available for virtually every 6502-based computer including the Commodore series (PET, C64), the Apple II series, Atari 8 bit machines, and many more. Including the KIM-1.

On this blogMichael Steil discusses the family of Microsoft Basics for the 6502, timeline, quirks, version differences.

He also presents the source of version 1.x of the 6502 interpreter. With conditional assembly versions can be build from source into byte-exact versions of the following seven BASICs:

Commodore BASIC 1
AppleSoft I
Commodore BASIC 2 (PET)
Intellivision Keyboard Component BASIC

The KIM-1 version is based on the files on my retro website, so it is sure this works on the KIM-1 and the MicroKIM.
Feel free to discuss this on the forum on the retro website.

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Re: Create your own Version of Microsoft BASIC for 6502

Postby uridium » Nov Tue 22, 2011 6:54 pm

G'day Hanso,

I'm still a little green to this. Reading through your exceptionally interesting forensics site and following the destruction guide I've done the following:

1) Downloaded the .BIN files.
2) Used the KimTape utility on your site (Nice one btw!, Thanks) to create two load images with 0200 and 2000 base addresses
3) Loaded the first at 0200
4) Loaded the second at 2000
5) Made two cups of tea and fed the wild-birds outside whilst waiting for the loader at 1200bps
6) Set the start address to 405E and hit "G"
7) Was presented with the MICROSOFT BASIC mumble mumble banner, etc and asked for MEMORY SIZE ?

According to your rumblings, if I hit <RETURN> it should auto-detect the size. In my config it doesn't. The next thing on screen is a blank & empty line. I attempted to type:
.. and nothing further was displayed.

My Configuration is a Briel uKIM-1, 32kb REU, 2nd RRIOT, uKIM Expander board. Clock, TinyBASIC and several other home-brew simple ASM programs I've knocked up seem to work along with a memory fill/test routine.

So, my question is thus: What should I actually type in there when prompted for memory Size/End?

Thanks for your time.

Al Boyanich
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