KIM Paper, GUI version

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KIM Paper, GUI version

Postby hanso » May Tue 19, 2009 1:35 pm

Vince ships a program called KIM PAPER with the MICRO-KIM called KIMPAPER.

A DOS (or Linux console if you recompile it with FreePascal) command line utility to convert a binary file, e.g. as delivered by an assembler in the papertape format accepted by the KIM-1 via the serial connection. If you have a binary, convert it to a text file in papertape format and dump it on the KIM-1 with hyperterminal, to have the binary loaded in memory. Or dump a block of memory in the KIM-1 to the terminal,. catch the output in a file and convert that to binary with this program.

Now that I am playing with a program to replace hyperterminal with something more suitable for the KIM-1 or MCRO-KIM, I wrapped my DOS Pascal code (actually it was in PDP-11 Pascal in 1984 as first version!) into a GUI format. The result is KIMPAPER for Windows.
Available here, in windows installable format and as source.
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Re: KIM Paper, GUI version

Postby uridium » Mar Sun 04, 2012 5:16 am

Do you still have the pdp-11 version? I can run DEC Pascal on RSX-11M.

Al Boyanich
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