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Scanned text: Watch out for the "I", "l" and the "O"

PostPosted: Dec Wed 28, 2011 4:34 am
by palbeda
Hello all,

Great to find Briel on the Internet, just like I came across a candy store...

I own an authentic KIM-1 and try to get some nice programs to work (most do).

One piece of advice though (it cost me DAYS to solve this). It seems that most of the documentation on the Internet (including the programs) were scanned in and digitized using OCR. I wrote some software to convert the listings from for example My first book of KIM to a Papertape file. But a lot of the programs did not run properly. So I checked the papertape file with the original listing and found random discrepancies. When I improved the error handling of my program, I found the problem. Sometimes the OCR program has generated an "I" or a "l" for a "1" and an "O" for a "0".

Hope this helps.