adaption of screen control sequences

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adaption of screen control sequences

Postby no0207 » Jul Thu 04, 2013 2:40 pm

Sorry folks, still another question:

Today I loaded a Wordstar 3.0 Version from on my 8800micro + CP/M. With the installer I tried (almost) all the terminal types that it offers. VT100 not among the choices. None of them appears to produce a screen control that looks well on the 8800mico.

Is there a known popular computer from the CP/M era which has at least similar screen control sequences as the VT100? A computer that would be a good starting point for further adaptions when offered in the installer of a program?
The WS 3.0 refers to the manual when it comes to customization of the screen control sequences, so I am stuck there at this moment. Will google a little bit for it tomorrow ;)
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Re: adaption of screen control sequences

Postby no0207 » Jul Mon 08, 2013 11:36 am

Finally found the installation manual on and made it to patch the terminal portion of WordStar 3.0 :)
Just in case this would be of help for anyone else I post my "cheat sheet" for patching here:
Code: Select all
WordStar 3.0
Terminal Patches for the Altair 8800 micro.

HITE:   28
WID:    50
CLEAD1: 2,1B,5B         Esc [
CLEAD2: 1,3B            ;
CTRAIL: 1,48            H
COLOFF: 1       
ASCUR:  2               Cursor position 2 digit ASCII
ERAEOL: 3,1B,5B,4B      Esc [ K
LINDEL: 4,1B,5B,31,4D   Esc [ 1 M
LININS: 4,1B,5B,31,4C   Esc [ 1 L
IVON:   4,1B,5B,31,6D   Esc [ 1 m
IVOFF:  4,1B,5B,30,6D   Esc [ 0 m
TRMINI: 2,1B,63         Esc c
IDTEX:  20,56,54,2D,31,30,30,20,20,20,...

IDTEX must be filled with blanks for a total length of 32 chars.
The given IDTEX will display "VT-100" as terminal type.
WordStar 3.0 on my Altair 8800 micro
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Re: adaption of screen control sequences

Postby inerlogic » Sep Wed 09, 2015 11:46 pm

trying to enter these values..... when it gets down to "CLEAD1"
install is only allowing me to enter a 2-digit hex value....



ahh.... never mind.... i was editing using the labels, not the locations and incrementing....

CLEAD1 = 024Ah 024Bh 024Ch

do the IDTEX entries *have* to be 20h for a total of 32 characters?

i entered this:
20 42 72 69 65 6c 20 41 6c 74 61 69 72 20 38 38 30 30 20 6d 69 63 72 6f 20 56 54 2d 31 30 30 20

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