Pulling out SIMH Disks

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Pulling out SIMH Disks

Postby wd5gnr » Oct Thu 16, 2014 11:32 pm

There are lots of disks in SIMH format and I wanted to get some of them into plain files so I could TREAD them onto a disk for the Altair.

For example: http:// schorn.ch/altair.html
Or: http://classiccmp.org/cpmarchives/cpm/m ... /intro.php

Here's what has worked for me under Linux (no Linux? Go get a live USB or CDROM and boot from that. I suggest Kubuntu).

1) Get cpmtools (on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/etc: sudo apt-get install cpmtools)
2) Go to this link and look at the 4th post:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic ... yW9dOA7wpc
3) Put the source code in a file named altair-adj.c. You will have to "fix" some of the wrapped lines because it came in from HTML.
4) Run: gcc -o altair-adj altair-adj.c
5) Edit /etc/cpmtools/diskdefs (you'll need to be root; for example: sudo nano /etc/cpmtools/diskdef) and add the altair.adj definition in that same post.
6) If you have a disk named XXX.DSK you need to run:
./altair-adj XXX.DSK XXX-ADJ.DSK
7) At this point, you can see what's on the disk like this: cpmls -f altair.adj XXX-ADJ.DSK
8) If you want to copy stuff from user 0 (the default) you can do:
cpmcp -f altair.adj XXX-ADJ.DSK "0:*.*" .
Of course, use any matching file name/file spec for "0:*.*" (e.g. "0:STARTREK.*" or whatever). Instead of . you could name a directory if you wanted.

Hopefully I got the directions right. If it doesn't work, ask.
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