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Display Issue

PostPosted: Sep Thu 23, 2010 10:26 am
by George
Hey there, my replica kit works fine, I tested it yesterday on my TV with the yellow composite lead. I originally wanted to use a 15 inch Dell monitor, but this is a 15 pin VGA connection. I bought a 15 pin to 9 pin adaptor so I could use it with my replica, and the screen remains blank. When I press a key, I get scan line like green flashes on the screen, I checked the connection and they are secure, so I'm wondering if you cant use a 15 pin to 9 pin? Any fixes for this? I've tried resetting and clearing, same result. You'll also notice that all the green lights are on at the bottom of the monitor, which usually means no input is detected. I tried the adaptor on my old 17 inch LCD display as well, when I do that, it just has the no input detected box floating around the screen!

Here is a picture of what happens when any button is pressed. I did a simple 20 GOTO 10 program to get the artifact to stay on screen. What I find most odd is that I'm getting a green image, when this is a full colour display, surely it should remain white as the replica 1 outputs no color, so to speak?


Any suggestions would be great :0

Edit: Sorry guys, I just made a complete turkey of myself, vince kindly reminded me this is infact a serial port and not a display port :oops: