my first PDP11

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my first PDP11

Postby no0207 » Jun Wed 04, 2014 4:08 pm

must admit I always wanted to have one. In my eyes the PDP11 is one of the most notable milestones of computer history. Some weeks ago I could not resist the temptation anymore - and bid on a 11/73. To my own surprise I won the auction at a moderate price. The box + backplane is actually not an original digital product but a licensed replica by the British manufacturer Plessey. What I got is the box with backplane (lots of free slots!) and power supply, a 11/73 CPU card, a 256 RAM card and a 4 x serial ports I/O card, including a serial console.

When I first saw the thing in reality I was shocked! It had looked much smaller and more leightweight on the photos as compared to what it turned out to be in reality :shock:

Did not have a cable readily available for connecting to the serial console. After examining my spare parts boxes I found an ISP programmer cable for Atmel AVR is a perfect basis for making such a cable. First it did not work as expected. Took me another night to realize the cable is 1:1 but the upper row on one end comes out on the lower row on the other end and vice versa.

By now I am I am finally able to start entering octal codes at the @ prompt. Very funny - and there is a great software around for such experiments: "PDP11 GUI"!

==> to be continued
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Re: my first PDP11

Postby Nealz » Jul Wed 30, 2014 11:36 pm

Sounds Cool... Photos Please.
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