USB connector for power only

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USB connector for power only

Postby vbriel » Feb Wed 13, 2013 6:21 pm

I'm working on some things and one of them involves designing future kit designs with USB connectors. I'm looking at using the USB B connector like ones on that back of printers as a power input source. I just bought a 1000mA power supply with USB like ones you get with your phones and it is working great. I soldered this to the ATX connector pins 3 and 4 (gnd and 5V) to a USB B connector. My replica 1 TE is reporting 209mA with keyboard and Capslock light on, 219mA with Numlock on and 229mA with all 3 lights on. This means I could power it from a PC.

Of course this method of hack has no on/off switch, so you have to unplug the replica 1 when finished, but it appears to work great!. I'm gluing the USB B connector on my replica 1 to the side of the ATX connector so I have to let it dry before I can take some pictures and post them up.

Lately people have been saying that they can not find power supplies that easy, so this is a solution.

The replica 1 will be 10 years old this August with my first bread board version. October is when I started shipping the first batch. Time flies when you are having fun.

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