usb regulated 5v for replica 1

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usb regulated 5v for replica 1

Postby dderny » Oct Wed 23, 2013 3:00 pm

I modified a micro kim to power it with a 5v usb power supply, works just fine....

I was 'staring' at a replica 1 photographs... and saw 12v and -12v

I guess that if we only use Vince boards, +12v and -12v are not needed ?
I also guess that if I make the same modifcation on the replica 1
I'll be able to power it with a usb power supply (I'm using a 2A power supply for kindle)

or I missed something ?
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Re: usb regulated 5v for replica 1

Postby wmmullaney » Nov Fri 08, 2013 6:10 pm

The 12v and -12v signals were used on the original Apple I, but not the Replica I. They are retained for compatibility, the cassette card either requires or works better with those voltages. As long as you don't need them on the slot, you're fine.

The computer can be powered from a 5v source, just patch it in on the ATX connector or slot. My board uses around 300ma, so the Kindle charger would work great. One note though, my kindle charger is 4.9v. I don't think any of the chips are particularly fussy though, so that should work fine.
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