apple I telnet bulletin board system

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apple I telnet bulletin board system

Postby jquas » Aug Tue 09, 2011 7:44 pm

I developed a telnet and ssh bulletin board system in python.

With the serial i/o working on my apple I, I could actually allow users to share the serial port session and actually use an apple I as part of the BBS.

It could also be scripted to dump and store rom images from a catalog of rom files, possibly also allowing users to upload their own.

Would there be any interest here in such a telnet bbs? It wouldn't be so much for message sharing as this new web bulletin board system we're on now is for, but for actually accessing an apple I and quickly loading and sharing roms with friends? What do you think?

As a topic of conversation, any "user" can very easily corrupt the rom space, but I suppose it can always be refreshed, right? Its not possible to "brick" an apple remotely via serial, is it? I'll also have to add a line to allow break (~# command in unix 'cu') to reset the apple I, but other than requiring a reset, and also a re-install of the rom space, can it be bricked? And is it always possible to refresh the rom over serial, after a reset?
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