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VolksForth updates

Postby cas » Apr Fri 05, 2013 10:20 am


I've updated the VolksForth for the Apple 1/Replica-1 on Sourceforge

The new Image now starts at 0x300, so you need to start it from the monitor with "300R". The top limit is now 0x7F00, giving more than 13K of free memory for Forth programs.

The system-io file "systemio.fb" has been updated, remaining german comments have been translated into english. The behavior of the backspace key has changed, it now prints an underscore "_" like the Woz monitor (the Apple 1 cannot backspace on the screen).

The developer wiki now has a ton of extra information about VolksForth: http://fossil.forth-ev.de/volksforth

-- Carsten
Carsten Strotmann

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Re: VolksForth updates

Postby nama » Jul Sun 14, 2013 11:02 pm

I've added this update to Volksforth to 'The Ultimate Apple 1 Software collection'. However I've changed the splash screen to all caps for Apple 1 purists (otherwise it's gobbledygook on Apple 1's).

http://www.neoncluster.com/projects-app ... ua1sc.html

UA1SC is now at version 3.3

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