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Significant Krusader Toolkit upgrade available

PostPosted: Dec Mon 29, 2008 8:49 pm
by Kallikak
I have just put an updated version of the Krusader Toolkit up for download from my Krusader webpage (see my profile for link, or just google Krusader Replica).

I have fixed a number of cosmetic bugs, a couple of important functional bugs and filled some gaps. It is probably about 95% complete now.

The editor portion will accept more variants of 6502 source code, the whole thing deals with the various file formats more effectively now (text, binary, woz monitor, intel hex). The emulator is further improved (and much better now than it's Pom 1 parent). I use the editor to work with assembly source code, then send it to either the inbuilt emulator or to my real Replica 1 via a serial connection. Default settings support either the Replica 1 serial board or the faster ACIA board designed by fsastrom on these forums. I can also provide a version of the Replica 1 ROM that supports both the ACIA and normal I/O.

Configuration is much improved this time too - you can adjust the emulator CPU and terminal speeds, switch between 6502 and 65C02, plus other adjustments.

One thing that some people may like is the ability to use the editor for BASIC in the same way that it is currently set up for assembly. This would be quite a simple change - source is provided for anyone interested. I don't use BASIC so am not inclined to do it myself.

I do intend to fix up the missing details - mostly related to intercommunication between the program and a real Replica 1, plus add Undo/Redo to the editor. Also, some kind of simple manual is certainly needed! For now, just remember to install the font (Apple2Forever.ttf) and rely on tooltips. :-)


PostPosted: Jun Thu 18, 2009 11:03 pm
by Kallikak
I have again updated the Krusader Toolkit on my web site. Not so significant as the last update, but a few usability related improvements.