Delay in BASIC

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Delay in BASIC

Postby vbriel » May Sat 06, 2006 7:19 am

Ok, one thing I never discuss is the delay in BASIC. What happens is if you send a large BASIC program through the serial/USB port after a while, watch the delay before the > prompt appears. As more and more memory gets used, there is a longer delay before the > prompt reappears. What I usually do is put a few line-feeds between each line farther down in the pogram to give a slight delay before it sends the next line. If this isn't done, the first number of the line may be omitted!

The best solution would be to store programs from raw memory like they did with cassette.

I like giving out my programs in the BASIC code because people can learn from the code in a text file easier than if it is right on the replica 1. Anything large such as my Deal or No Deal program should be enter by memory I suppose.
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Postby iceandfire » May Wed 17, 2006 7:50 pm

If you decide to save a large BASIC program in machine (hex) code, save both the code from (LOMEM) to (HIMEM) AND the zero-page code from 004AH to 00FFH. The first 4 bytes saved on the zero-page will be the (LOMEM) and (HIMEM) pointers at 004AH - 004DH.

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