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Re: Would it be possible to use the Multiboard?

Postby vbriel » Jan Tue 22, 2008 4:06 pm

Aaron Teeling wrote:Vince,

I believe I too will need the updated code, but would it be possible to burn the EEPROM with your new multiboard? If so, could you detail instructions as to go about it?



it is possible to just dump the code into an EEPROM on the multiboard. I have a beta version of Ken's latest and I'll see if I can make a dump file for it.

Ok, as Kalliak has mentioned you can just add a jump instruction at 100-103 in memory to jump back into Krusader. If the BRK vector is pointed to a EEPROM location it is not programmable, keep this in mind. Woz put the vector at 0x0100 and I've just kept it the same. The idea of the replica 1 was 100% software compatible.

Yeah, I changed IRQ vector address on Ken and forgot to tell him, sorry :shock: . It only took a year or two before it was an issue.

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