Enclosures....or not.

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Enclosures....or not.

Postby wirzcat » Aug Sat 22, 2009 12:03 pm

First, I really like this PocketTerm unit. I use my PocketTerm quite frequently at work and home. It saves me from dragging a laptop around to perform minor tasks.
Normally, I wanted to put the unit in an enclosure. The problem was I could not find a enclosure that had the width correct (for access to the serial jacks and keyboard jack) and had one end (for vga) that was applicable.

I ended up going for an open-guarded approach as seen in the pics. I trimmed a piece of aluminum sheet for the bottom and some scrap plexiglass for top. There is a long-threaded standoff at the bottom, the aluminum sheet, then a nut, then the PocketTerm, then a tall standoff, the plexiglass and then a top nut. I made a hole for the reset and opening for the jumpers. I did cut the tabs on the power regulators, but could have left them intact after all.

Another option is to use a keyboard cable jumper inside an enclosure going to another keyboard jack. Then the unit can be mounted with the serial/vga corner flush into the enclosure corner. Then the second keyboard jack can be mounted on any side of the enclosure.

If you have never worked with plexiglass; use dull bits, go slow, don't tighten the nuts much and use locktite. Otherwise it will crack.


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