Is Briel 4Mb IIgs Ram Card sensitive to chip count?

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Is Briel 4Mb IIgs Ram Card sensitive to chip count?

Postby newbill123 » Oct Thu 07, 2010 3:10 pm

This doesn't fit with the Replica 1, Micro-Kim, Altair, PocketTerm, or Marketplace forums. Sorry if this is off topic here.

I recently discovered the (empty) Briel 4Meg GS RAM Card, and realized I have (at least) 4 extra SIMMs from old dead Macs. This is a gut, spur of the moment purchase idea, but I'd like to know if a Briel card will let me goose up my old GS with these parts which have been languishing unused for so long.

My concern: Though each SIMM has 30 pins, I've read that other IIgs expansions cards may be sensitive to the chip count. These SIMMS have 8 chips instead of the 9 depicted on the Briel IIgs product photo (on page ?p=321 ). Is the Briel card sensitive to the number of chips? Are these SIMMs compatible?

(C) 1988 Apple Computer
10-31-88 (stamped in black)

820-0246-02 (I'm assuming this is the part number)
670- (is marked with a black marker)
338C- (is blank)

Each SIMM has 8 chips labelled: KM41C1000P-10-834 KOREA

In summary: Will these work with the Briel 4Meg GS RAM Card?

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Is Briel 4Mb IIgs Ram Card sensitive to chip count?

Postby vbriel » Oct Fri 08, 2010 6:24 pm

Best thing to do is try them (if you have the card itself). Worse case is they are still very much available, I just prefer buying them from a dealer that warranties them and they come in matched sets of 4.

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