Briel Computers as a first 'big' project -- where to start?

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Briel Computers as a first 'big' project -- where to start?

Postby Mister Argent » Aug Fri 31, 2012 8:34 pm

I've been looking at Briel products for a while, but with me having finally learned how to operate a soldering iron i think i'm finally ready to ask: Which Briel Computers replica would be a good project for someone just starting off like me? I'm looking at the Altair 8800 Micro if i can afford it, but I'm guessing the Replica I or the KIM replica would be more within my price -- and skill -- range.

I'm in the mood for whetting my appetite for both electricity and retrocomputing!

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Mister Argent
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Re: Briel Computers as a first 'big' project -- where to sta

Postby bibrex » Sep Mon 03, 2012 12:18 am

Hi Mister Argent. Welcome to the Briel Computer Forums!

Just like you, I'm relatively new to the Forums and I also spent some time reading about all this, enjoying it. And ... I made my mind!

Go for the Altair 8800Micro. :!:

IMHO: Original MITS Altair 8800 kit is the BEST computer/electronics kit EVER !!!
I owned & assembled one, circa 1975.
My only regret is that I sold it to our local University's Museum :cry: in order to upgrade to something newer.

I received my Altair 8800Micro from Vince a few days ago and let me tell you ... it is a FANTASTIC quality kit which will revive all the sweet memories.

I just can't wait to start building it! :D 8)

Go Briel, Altair 8800Micro!

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Re: Briel Computers as a first 'big' project -- where to sta

Postby chassum » Sep Mon 03, 2012 8:01 am

On the other hand...
The Micro-Kim is a really great kit. Lots of fun to build, looks great, and an excellent 6502 to work with in assembler or even Forth ;)
Vince has done a great job with all of his kits.
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