Lears Siegler ADM-3 Terminal

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Lears Siegler ADM-3 Terminal

Postby jebug29 » Sep Sun 23, 2012 9:40 pm

One terminal I have always liked the look of and have recently come to research is the LS ADM-3 Serial Terminal. It was used with the Altair.

I was very seriously wondering if the guy who makes the products on this site (I'm sorry, I don't know his name) might actually consider making a replica (with modern/cheaper parts, of course) of this terminal to go along with the A-Micro. If he did, I'd get both the A-Micro and terminal for Christmas XD.

I do know that a keyboard and television/VGA Monitor can be hooked to the Micro, but I think that this would be MUCH cooler. Especially if the price was below 50 dollars (well, it is a 13 inch square monitor with a keyboard, after all).


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Soroc IQ 120

Postby sje » Sep Sun 23, 2012 11:20 pm

Back in the Altair days I used a Soroc IQ 120 terminal which cost about US$800 at the time (1978).

Each of the old monitors from the pre-LCD days had a relatively expensive CRT and power supply. The costs of these components was mitigated only by the large numbers manufactured, and this can't be done today if only a few hundred terminals were built.

I'd like to have an ASR-33 TeleType. But to find one in working order and to keep it that way is an expensive proposition.
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Re: Lears Siegler ADM-3 Terminal

Postby jebug29 » Sep Sun 23, 2012 11:39 pm

I'd probably never be able to have a computer back then with components costing that much XD.

That one looks cool. I like the ADM because it looks like something from the space age. I was hoping that the owner of the site might be able to produce something similar to it (for example, keeping the overall design and functions the same, but replacing the crt with an lcd, making sure the keyboard format was modernized to a point, and replacing the internals with much cheaper and easier parts, along with some modern ports on the back).

I seriously want one of these, but I don't want one without a terminal (which are horribly expensive and rare on eBay) XD.
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Re: Lears Siegler ADM-3 Terminal

Postby vbriel » Sep Mon 24, 2012 7:44 am

I guess that's me :) You do know that the Altair micro has a built terminal, so you just need to plug in a monitor and keyboard? Still, I agree, the ADM-3A is a cool looking retro terminal. It would be possible, but would require it to be made by LCD and the keyboard would be more modern. Having cases made with plastic molded injection is something that is difficult to have done in small quantities so I doubt I'll do one. If there was some way to make a case for low cost I would absolutely do it. I think you can find these on ebay for a couple hundred. Haven't really shopped for one so I can't say for sure what they go for.

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Re: Lears Siegler ADM-3 Terminal

Postby jebug29 » Sep Mon 24, 2012 11:08 am

Yup, Vince Briel (I don't know why I couldn't think of it lol - brielcomputers.com). I know it does, and it's seriously tempting me for Christmas XD.

Hm... I wonder if you'd be able to cut a piece of plastic out of a square piece and then just sand it down instead of having to mold it.

The best part would be the cut out pieces would we recyclable! XD

Even if you couldn't make that, I wonder if you'd be able to make a wireless replica of the original Altair keyboard XD.
(Again, modernizing the keyboard layout)

Hmm, or maybe even your own terminal.

Just make two and send one to me. Just kidding XD
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Re: Lears Siegler ADM-3 Terminal

Postby tbtalbot » Oct Thu 11, 2012 6:19 pm

The ADM-3 - what a gorgeous design. Existing examples mostly seemed to not have held up well.
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