Troubleshooting a Build

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Troubleshooting a Build

Postby dhoelzer » Jan Thu 02, 2014 2:41 pm

Hey all-

Had some missing parts at first, but now that they've arrived it's all assembled. Passes the LED test with no problem...

However, when I added the chips I noticed a serious issue. With a keyboard plugged in I see the keyboard lights flash on and off. No reaction on the monitor. And there's a sizzling sound.... that I've trace down to the slider power switch.

Now I've been over that part of the board very carefully. The short isn't there. I suspect the short is somewhere else and it's just being "taken out" on the poor power switch.

I've also gone over the board for shorts and here's the only thing I can find that seems very suspicious:

Pins 21 & 22 on the Parallax socket.. Without a chip socketed, I read 490 ohms between them. They also each read 460 ohms to ground.. But neither of these pins appear to connect to ground on the schematic. I also read 30 ohms between pins 13 and 14 on the VGA connector. Before I go desoldering things, does this sound like it could be the culprit or is there stuff sorta missing from the schematic?

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Re: Troubleshooting a Build

Postby reubanks » Jan Thu 02, 2014 8:02 pm

Can you post pics of both sides of the board? A few dozen extra pairs of eyes might help.

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