Another newbie seeking advice

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Another newbie seeking advice

Postby neonblurb » Jan Fri 11, 2008 11:30 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm thinking of getting a replica 1 kit but I have one or two questions. I'm a university student in the UK and I assume international shipping isn't a problem, but I was wondering if it's a good idea taking on a project like this considering I haven't had any electronics/soldering experience for a few years, and even then it was just soldering a few components onto some simple PCBs at school. I've still got some of my old stuff lying around (a multimeter, wire strippers, a breadboard, etc.) but is this too ambitious? My plan was to buy the accompanying book and then build the replica as a free time project over Easter. I'm a passionate fan of early Apple kit and I'd love to get a replica Apple 1 running and maybe learn a bit of electronics and 6502 assembler along the way.

Is this too ambitious?

Thanks for your replies in advance!
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Postby Apple92 » Jan Sat 12, 2008 8:23 am

Hi Neonblurb,

No, that is not too ambitious. It took me only three hours to solder everything on the Replica 1 PCB and this worked fine right from the first power on. All what you need is patience and careful test before plugging the chip in order to search for short circuits. I do not have a large experience in soldering (I work in the electronics industry but I rarely use a solder iron).

The PCB size makes it easy to handle and solder. The pads where to solder are of a very high quality, large enough to make perfect soldering - the PCB finish is really excellent. I used a Weller solder iron and a Fluke multimeter and that was enough.

So bite into the Replica 1 and you will be proud of the work!

Best Regards,
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