Testing without a monitor

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Testing without a monitor

Postby andys » Apr Wed 15, 2009 2:42 pm


I was planning to use my replica 1 with a terminal since I don't have a monitor. I've got all the components soldered and tested the voltages (all of which were fine). The next step in the instructions is to put in the parallax chip and the eeprom and connect it up to a monitor to see if there's some output.

Should I be getting the same output on a terminal? I just ask because I put the chips in and there's nothing coming out the serial port (connected up via a null modem cable to a wyse terminal).

If there wouldn't usually be anything coming out then I'll just assume it's working and put the rest of the chips in. But it would be good to know if it's working up to this point.

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Postby vbriel » Apr Wed 15, 2009 10:24 pm

No, the output comes from the CPU section of the replica 1. It is ok to use the serial port for a display and keyboard, but it is more difficult to troubleshoot if you have any problems. If your voltages are good, put all the chips in, fire it up with the serial port connected, press reset on the replica 1 and see of you can view memory or type anything in.

Make sure you set the serial port to 2400, N, 8, 1 on the terminal and that you have the correct cable. Since the replica 1 was designed to attach to a PC, you need a null-modem cable. When you turn on the replica 1, press reset button to get it going.

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